We are precision

Nerit’e puts together Mechatronics, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and User-Centered Design to create the utlimate democratization of data-driven agriculture.

"So, what is a Nerit'e???"

We are a disruptive soil analyzing solution to prevent overfertilization and promote nutrient monitoring.

Our spectral analyzer

Our Spectral Analyzer Prototype is a patent pending soil sensor capable of on-site nutrient monitoring with results in under a minute. Though the technology is still under development, the analyzer’s first working prototype has achieved high accuracy during initial tests.

Conventional farming methods waste around 40% of Nitrogen fertilizers due to a lack of monitoring tools, which greatly pollute our atmosphere and soil. 

What we offer

Proven technology

Our soil analyzing device is patent pending, and our initial tests with local growers have been very promising. Achieving a 91% accuracy, our technology will soon be commercially available. 

Input Optimization

By constantly analyzing your soil, reducing variable costs has never been easier! The reduced waste will have a huge positive impact for your soil, water and atmosphere in the long run. Boost your profits and protect the environment!

The power of data

We built a sensor to detect macro-nutrients of the soil which coupled with powerful Machine Learning and a huge database that our partners and customers are helping us create, will allow us to recommend when to use fertilizers and how much. No need to guess. You should know!

Under our belt...

Falling Walls Winner 2020

1st place at the Falling Walls Lab, Mexico, 2020. Among the 10 best projects worldwide at the Global Falling Walls event.
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RWTH Incubation Program

Part of RWTH's selected Start-ups, we are proud to be part of the 2021 Fall Batch of the RWTH Incubation Program.
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Stage Two Nomination

Selected along with fellow start-up RIIICO to represent RWTH at the first-ever Stage Two competition.
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Beta Tests Incoming!

Our Beta Tests are ideal for anyone looking for exciting new possibilities with fertilizer optimization strategies. 

If you would like to get more information about the technology, and help us build our data library, reach out to us or join our Beta test group! Early access will be available for our product once the testing cycle is over, and you will receive a year of free, unlimited analyses!