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Nerit'e provides data-driven agriculture, democratized.

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Our technology will revolutionize the use of fertilizers and the agricultural industry.

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Did you know?

54% of all used fertilizer is going to waste because plants just can’t use it! There is only so many nutrients plants can absorb, the rest reacts with other chemicals and pollutes the atmosphere, the soil and the water streams.

The power of data

We built a sensor to detect macro-nutrients of the soil which will, together with powerful Machine Learning and a huge database that our partners and customers are helping us create, allow us to recommend when to use fertilizers and how much. No need to guess. You should know!


By constantly analyzing your soil, you could dramatically reduce variable costs! And the reduced waste will have a huge positive impact for your soil, water and atmosphere in the long run. Boost your profits and the planet!

The impact of optimization

By optimizing the use of fertilizer, small local farmers in developing countries could save up to 25% of their annual household income.

Nitrogen fertilizers react to form Nitrous Oxide, which is 300X more effective than Carbon Dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere.

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1st place

At the Falling Walls Lab Mexico 2020. We were honored to be named the best technological breakthrough.


Our closest competitors use technologies that are unaffordable for small farmers in developing countries. This is why we focused on creating a new product that is 26X cheaper!


We have competed on 5 national and international entrepreneurship and innovation awards, where we have validated our technology as the next revolution in agriculture.

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