Become a Testing Partner.

Our Beta Testing group is the best way to get first access to our ground-breaking technology. Implementation of our service only requires small fees such as shipping if applicable, the rest being completely for free. 

There are 3 main steps and 1 follow-up phase which are detailed below.

Phase 1: Preparation


First Contact

First talks about technology and implementation take place. Details are discussed, such as data management and transfer. 


Date and Testing Group Selections

Calibration phase planning sessions begin. Dates are selected and agreed upon. Selection of testing groups detailed.


Legal and IP Protection Talks

All necessary legal documents and agreements, such as NDA’s are signed. Ready for Phase 2!

Phase 2: Calibration


Data Acquisition

Soil analyzed using traditional methods.



Nutrient data is used to calibrate via on-site or off-site device analysis.



Results are evaluated. These will determine if further calibration is needed. 

Phase 3: First Trials

Know How

Hardware Know-How

Info on how to properly handle and use the device for optimal use. 


Large Scale Testing

Device is implemented, keeping track of testing groups throughout important fertilization periods. 

Paper airplane

Iterations and Contact

The Nerit’e team will be available for troubleshooting, warranty and repairs when needed. 

Phase 4: Evaluation


Evaluating Results

Results are evaluated by both parties. Pricing models are presented after successful implementation. 


Growth Strategy

Further testing and implementation strategies on other groups and users.

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