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Mechatronics Engineer

Lead engineer and former Google work experience. Mechatronics Engineering bachelor's degree from ITAM, Mexico.


Industrial Designer

Design leader and former Mabe home appliances Intern. Currently studying Industrial Design bachelor's at ITESM, Mexico.


Mechanical Engineer

Lead business strategist with BMW work experience. Mechanical Engineering degree from RWTH Aachen, Germany.


Full Stack Developer

We are currently looking for new faces! We encourage diverse backgrounds in our team, please contact us for more info!

Why Nerit'e?

The Matlatzinca People in the Valley of Mexico tell the story of the Fireflies that Embellish the Trees. The story tells of a festival where once a year, people would light torches all over the valley to guide fireflies to the trees of the town. Once they found the trees, the fireflies would rest on them and the people from the village would sing until the torches burnt out. Then the night would be dark, but it did not matter, because the trees would be happy again.

Now, people have stopped lighting the torches and the trees are forgotten. The Matlatzincas say it is up to us to light those torches again, and to care about nature once more. Hence our name, Nerit’e or “torch”. Because we believe that it is time to light those torches. Nature today is suffering, but with the right tools, we can make sure to care for her again. This is why we set out to build those tools.

Our Roadmap

Final Development

We are in our final steps of development and product building. This stage is currently in progress and is planned to conclude by early 2022.
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BetaTesting Program

Beta Testing will allow us to refine our product and make it the solution we want to deliver to our partners and clients. To learn more about it:
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Market Ready

Commercialization is our last step in our Roadmap. Those who participate in the Beta Testing Program will have extra perks for sticking with us early!
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